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This is a community for people who are looking for someone to relate to. You can talk about music. You can ask for advice or give advice. You can be random. You can post pictures of yourself. You can post poems or stories you wrote. You can talk about whatever you feel like as long as its not really inappropriate.

Anyone can join but when you do you have to fill out this form and post it under an LJ-cut. The cut title can be random.

We're open for all suggestions on what to do/improve on this community, like the layout or info page or whatever. Feel free to shout out.

Simple rules:
1. Never critisize anyone. The only person you have a right to mock is yourself. And celebrities of course.
2. Cha
3. Don't post a load of images without putting them under a cut. It might mess up peoples friend pages.
4. Can't think of any more. Be random!

Break the rules once and we'll give you a warning.
Twice, and your ass is banned.

Promote us!
Where? Dunno, pick a random spot...

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Your mods:
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