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Hey guys. Nobody posts here anymore...

I saw a band last night called Robot Pi. They were AMAZING. They have a song called Biscuts and Gravy. It's a beautiful musical masterpiece. The band consists of two people. They both sing and one plays a key bord with a drum machine, and the other plays guitar. They were fantabulous let me tell YOU.

Hugs and kisses from your favorate llama!
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A short history

Australia is estimated to have been inhabited by the aboriginals for 48,000 to 42,000 years.
In 1970, the eastern part was first claimed by the British. Seeming like an endless desert, they threw all their prisoners down their to get rid of them and throw them to fucking hell because they fucking hated their ugly guts and wanted them to die slowly in deep excruciating pain. A fairy godmother came over to save them, but was raped twice, by everyone there, even the retired people and the children. Afterwards she was boiled alive in a huge cauldron and eaten with pineapple bits. So today, old people tell the tourists (when they ask for directions to the nearest McDonalds) : Three hundred years ago, my great, great grandfather came to Sydney from London by ship, and he fucked the fairy grandmother. And that’s why I am here!

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noone has written in here in a while... and i havn't been on here in a while cause i'm poor :D we can't let this place die because its almost as good as bondock saints. err. o well.

i miss this place of a place...first rounds on me!
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